Why Visiting a Pediatric Urgent and Emergency Care Facility Could Be the Right Choice for Your Child

Why Visiting a Pediatric Urgent and Emergency Care Facility Could Be the Right Choice for Your Child

Aug 01, 2020

As a parent or a guardian, if you have ever had the misfortune of experiencing your child falling ill at night, you understand how overwhelming and draining this situation can be.

The first question that rings through your mind is where to take your sick child to for medical attention. Mainly because at such a time, you cannot reach your regular pediatrician.

Before the emergence of 24-hour pediatric urgent care clinics, parents were forced to rely entirely on ER facilities for medical assistance during such scenarios. This posed a significant challenge because visiting a 24 HR ER near you, meant having to endure long waiting periods before getting to see the doctor.

There is nothing as nerve-racking as trying to soothe an ill child at the hospital. As health care providers, we understand this predicament first hand, which is why our children’s ER near you was established to care for this need.

What Is the Difference Between a General ER and a Pediatric Urgent Care or Pediatric Emergency Clinic?

A general ER is equipped and has medical personnel who are trained to handle life-threatening medical conditions.

When you visit an ER, with your child, and they are not suffering from a life-threatening condition, you will be forced to wait at triage before you see a physician. Other than this, a general ER may not have child experts or pediatricians on call at that given time.

If this happens, the staff will stabilize your child during an emergency and then transfer you to our pediatric emergency clinic for more medical assistance.

On the other hand, if you visit our children’s ER near you or our 24-hour pediatric urgent care facility, your child will get the specialized medical assistance they need. We always have child life specialists on call and pediatricians in our 24 HR ER near you.

Our 24-hour pediatric urgent care is dedicated to handling all non-life-threatening medical conditions in children, whatever medical condition your child is facing, our child care experts in Temple TX, have you covered.

Benefits of Visiting Pediatric Emergency and Urgent Care Facilities

Here are some of the benefits of visiting our pediatric emergency clinic and pediatric urgent care clinics:

    • Trained Specialists Are Always Available

Our urgent pediatric care, and emergency wing always has a board-certified pediatrician available on call. This means that when you visit our child care wing in Temple TX, your child will be in capable and trained hands.

Having a pediatrician on-site eradicates the possibilities of misdiagnosis and unnecessary hospitalization, both of which are common issues faced within general ER’s.

    • Child Life Specialists Are Available.

Our children’s ER near you is always staffed with child life specialists. This is because we understand how difficult it can be to manage and calm down our little patients during treatment.

Child life experts are trained on how to help pediatric patients overcome their anxieties and fears when receiving treatment.

This allows our pediatricians to have an easier time working on the patients and reduces the amount of fussing that would otherwise happen when children feel unsettled and overwhelmed.

    • Shorter Waiting Periods

When you visit our children’s emergency clinic near you, you are guaranteed of seeing our pediatrician in the shortest time possible.

Within our facilities, we strive to ensure that our patients get attended to in the shortest time possible. You will not have to put up with those long and restless waiting periods before you see the doctor.

    • A Child-Centered Environment

Our pediatric urgent care facility provides a child-friendly environment for your child to feel at ease as you wait to get treatment. This goes a long way in helping alleviate any anxiety your child may have at that time, and this will make treatment a more straightforward process.

    • Convenience

You can get access to several medical services within our pediatric facility within a single visit. Other than handling medical conditions, we also offer preventive medical services such as issuing vaccines and immunizations.

This offers a form of convenience; you can get to accomplish much more within a single visit to our clinic.

Contact us today at Express ER (Temple), for our top-notch emergency and urgent child care services.

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