Sports Injuries in Temple, TX

Sports Injuries in Temple, TX

If you love to play sports, then you probably already know about the risk of sustaining a sports injury. Wearing the appropriate safety gear, training safely, and stretching properly can help to keep you out of the ER for a sports injury, but if it does happen, we are here to help.

Acute Traumatic Sports Injury

There are two main categories which sports injuries can be split up into. The first is an acute traumatic sports injury. This kind of injury results from direct trauma, such as being tackled or kicked on the field. Concussions, lacerations, broken bones, and sprained ankles are all examples of an acute traumatic sports injury.

This kind of injury can require stitches, medications, X-rays, and diagnostic tools to treat. Always wearing the correct safety equipment (helmet, pads, mouth guard, etc.) can help to prevent acute traumatic sports injuries. In any sort of contact sport, a sports injury is likely to occur. Our emergency room in Temple is open for patients who are suffering from a sports injury.

Concussions and other head injuries can be especially serious, with a chance of brain damage or even death. If you have sustained a head injury from playing sports, then we urge you to come to our local emergency room near you to receive medical care.

Overuse Chronic Sports Injury

The other kind of sports injury which we treat at Express ER is called a chronic sports injury. Unlike acute traumatic sports injuries, there is no inciting traumatic event that leads to a chronic injury.

Chronic injuries such as tendonitis or a stress fracture are instead caused slowly over time by overuse of a muscle group or joint. To avoid a chronic sports injury, it is important to engage in adequate stretching before physical activity and to not push yourself too hard.

Athletes can get so caught up in training that they do not realize that by pushing themselves to limits, they could actually be taking steps in the wrong direction when an overuse injury takes them out of the game. Always train safely, take breaks, stretch, and consider incorporating massage and physical therapy into your sports routine.

Sports Medicine Urgent Care Near You

Express ER is an emergency room near you that treats sports injuries in Temple. Our friendly professional staff has specialized training in diagnosing and treating sports injuries.

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