Common Symptoms

Common Emergency Conditions

At Express ER in Temple, we treat a wide range of medical conditions, illnesses, and even injuries regardless of the severity. We also see quite a few common symptoms and conditions including chest pain, headaches, fevers and abdominal pain that can be nothing serious, or very serious. Express ER is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, allowing us to properly diagnose and treat your condition, whether minor or more severe.

Common Conditions

At our freestanding emergency room in Temple we see a lot of patients each day, quite a few of which experience common symptoms, which include:

Chest Pain

When it comes to common symptoms, chest pain is typically the most terrifying for patients. At Express ER we understand how scary chest pain can be and are happy to treat any of your symptoms. When it comes to chest pain that requires immediate emergency care, we recommend seeking treatment if you experience crushing chest pain, chest pain accompanied by shortness of breath, nausea, sweating, dizziness or even chest pain that will not resolve quickly.


Headaches are an extremely common symptom we see here at Express ER, can be caused by a variety of factors and are typically not serious. However, we do recommend seeking immediate emergency care if you have a headache accompanied by a stiff neck, experience unconsciousness with your headache or have recently suffered from a blow to the head.

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Fevers are an extremely common symptom that accompanies a variety of health conditions. When it comes to seeking emergency care for fevers, we recommend:

  • For children, one or under, a temperature above 100.4 should be immediately treated.
  • For children one or above, a temperature above 101 requires immediate treatment.
  • For adults, a temperature of 103 or above is a sign that emergency care is required.

Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain is a pretty common symptom we see at Express ER and more often than not is nothing serious. However, in certain situations, we do recommend seeking emergency care, including abdominal pain that is sudden or sharp, abdominal pain accompanied by blood in vomit or stools along with abdominal pain accompanied by shoulder, neck or chest pain.

Foreign Objects in the Body

Foreign objects may enter the body differently, mostly through the eyes, nose, ears, and skin. Objects in the eyes with sharp or rough edges contain chemicals or result in bleeding requiring visiting an ER near you. If you have pain or hearing problems after a foreign body enters the ear, seek emergency medical help. Avoid poking or prodding the object because it can push it deeper, making it hard to remove.

Skin Infections

If you have a severe skin infection, visit an emergency room near you. We can conduct skin cell cultures to help diagnose the infection and administer IV antibiotics to treat the condition. Most patients that visit us with skin infections needing urgent care have fever, rapid heart rate, rapidly spreading redness, and unusual pain in a would or injured part.

Back Pain

See back pain emergency treatment if it occurs along with symptoms like the inability to control your bowel movements, stand or walk, and sudden loss of sensation within the legs. Back pain that spreads or radiates to affect the abdomen also needs urgent care. Further, if back pain occurs following trauma like a sports injury, a fall, or a car accident, it is prudent to get to the nearest emergency room for treatment.

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Contusion and Cuts

Contusions can cause injuries deeper in tissues that don’t appear obvious but can later cause grave complications. A blow to the head or other incidents that causes an impact on your head needs immediate medical care. You need to visit an emergency room when you have symptoms like the inability to recognize people or places, loss of consciousness, and trouble with walking and balance.

A cut deeper than a quarter of an inch, that is jagged, or open should prompt a visit to an ER. If severe bleeding arises or a rusty object makes the cut, again, consider urgent care. A cut over the joint that opens whenever you move requires immediate medical care.

Sports Injuries

The common sports injuries in our ER include ankle injuries, sprains and strains, swollen muscles, fractures, rotator cuff injuries, knee injuries, and dislocations. Visit us for sports injury emergency treatment if you twist a joint, fall, or get a blow that seriously injures you. We also treat chronic sports injuries that arise due to overuse of one body area.

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