COLA Certified Stat Lab Testing

You do not have to wait to long for your result, here we are able to do proper testing and you are still able to receive the correct results in less than 20 minutes!

Lab & Radiology Services

We are able to swiftly to diagnose your symptoms right away here, thanks to our excellent array of medical equipment.

Board-Certified ER Doctors

Staffed by only Board-Certified doctors for these emergency situations, we are able to tend and care for you at any moment.

Family Friendly

Trained and experienced in helping and treating those in any situation, we put you and your family's comfort as a priority.

Testimonials from our Patients

Meet our happy patients from around the world

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about our emergency room

Emergency Room In Temple, TX

Open 24 hours, every day of the week, Temple Express ER, Temple, TX will be there for any given emergency you are facing. Trained and equipped with the tools to bring you to proper health, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Thanks to the full service laboratory on-site, you do not have to wait long, to get on your way to being healthy. At Express ER – the freestanding emergency room near you, your health and well-being is our priority.

When there is an emergency, things can get pretty hectic. Get the prompt medical care you need at Express ER in Temple, TX 76504 and let a team of qualified professionals take care of you during any emergency. No matter what the situation is, you are in great hands and your health is our top priority along with your comfort.

ER Near You

Whether you are experiencing a minor problem, such as an infection, or a more major emergency, seek help from the skilled experts and care professionals at Express ER in Temple. The doctors and emergency care professionals are available 24/7 at an Express ER near you.

Urgent Care vs. Express ER Temple

Express ER in Temple is significantly different from an urgent care clinic near you. What’s the difference between an ER & urgent care in Temple? To begin with, Express ER is open 24/7 near you. Most urgent care clinics do not provide this level of availability, nor do they provide such a wide variety of services. When you visit an emergency room near you, expect to find cutting-edge technology that will give you efficient and high-quality care from board-certified physicians. Our emergency room in Temple is also equipped with on-site lab and radiology services. Call or visit us today!

Services Urgent Care Express ER Temple
Open 24/7
Respiratory Distress
Broken Bones
Severe Abdominal Pain
Internal Bleeding
Cardiac Enzyme Analysis
Head Injuries
Streamlined Billing
Pediatric Teddy Bear Clinics
Board-Certified ER Physicians
COLA Certified Stat Lab Testing


Sign up today! A limited amount of Teddy Bear patients can be seen at each Teddy Bear clinic, so please schedule your appointment soon!

Meet Our Board Certified ER Doctors

These doctors at Express ER are the trained individuals that will make your health their top priority. Trained in Emergency Medicine, they will be able to assist you right away, and get you the proper care that you require. Call to learn more about how we can relieve you from your pain and stress!

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