How to Treat Sprains and Strains

How to Treat Sprains and Strains

Apr 16, 2019

Sprains as well as strains are fairly common injuries that can occur when muscles or ligaments are stretched too far or become torn. You can experience pain, swelling, muscle cramps, bruising, and even losing the ability to use the affected area. There are some techniques that can be used to treat sprains and strains of all kinds.

Medical Treatment

Medication is available over the counter that can help manage symptoms of sprains or strains. Painkillers are often provided when dealing with sprains, and stronger medication may be provided by your doctor if it is severe. Anti-inflammatory drugs may also be used but should not be used within 72 hours of sustaining the injury as they can interrupt the healing process.


When an injury is minor, you can use PRICE and HARM therapy. PRICE is an acronym that stands for:

P – Protection: Keep the affected area protected from harm or trauma

R – Rest: Rest the sprained area and do not try to lift heavy items

I – Ice: Use ice to keep the area cool and reduce inflammation

C – Compression: Compressing the area can also keep injuries from worsening

E – Elevation: Raise the affected area if possible, keeping it elevated

HARM is also an acronym, which warns to stay away from:

H – Heat

A – Alcohol

R – Running

M – Massages

By using these therapy methods, you can avoid causing pain and other issues to occur and keep your sprain or strain on the road to healing.

When to See a Doctor

Most sprains and strains in the body can be managed effectively at home without a medical professional. However, if you experience excessive pain or cannot move the affected area, you may need to visit an urgent care near me. Keep an eye out for discoloration, numbness, and make sure your condition is getting better so that you avoid problems in the future.

Patients in Temple can visit Express ER in Temple, TX and get efficient care for serious sprains or strains anywhere in the body. Our professional staff is trained to provide the care needed to treat the issue fast and avoid further damage. Do not hesitate to visit our emergency room in Temple for immediate assistance.

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