Has Your Child Suffered A Seizure?


Children experiencing a seizure can be a cause for panic. However, they are rarely ever life-threatening and typically last just a few minutes. These seizures also stop on their own, so it is important to stay calm and be informed on what to do when your child has a seizure. At Express ER, we can help prepare you for taking care of your child and handling seizure treatment in Temple, TX.


Seizures are due to abnormal electrical activity within the brain. They can show themselves in several different ways, including staring spells and muscle spasms. Some are caused by known conditions, in which case your child must take their prescribed medication.

Seizure Symptoms and Signs

Your child may exhibit the following symptoms if they are experiencing a seizure:

  • Twitching or abnormal sensations before the seizure starts
  • Staring blankly or not responding
  • Muscle spasms
  • Fainting or losing consciousness
  • Involuntary bowel movements or urination

What to Do for Child Seizures

  • Get in contact with a hospital near me or your child’s pediatrician.
  • Remove objects from the area and place your child on the floor.
  • Lay them on their side to prevent the likelihood of choking.
  • Keep the mouth clear of vomit.
  • Loosen clothing around the neck.
  • Ensure your child is breathing properly.
  • Time how long the seizure episode lasts.
  • Make sure your child is aware and awake.
  • Let the child rest comfortably once the seizure is over.

What Not to Do for Child Seizures

  • Do not attempt to stop them from shaking.
  • Do not place anything in the child’s mouth.
  • Do not feed your child or give them anything to drink.
  • Your child should not be given medication orally until they are alert and awake.

You should get seizure treatment near me from Express ER seizure treatment in Temple. If your child’s seizure lasts longer than 5 minutes or if they have repeating seizures or trouble breathing, get in contact with 911 and get your child seizure treatment in 76504.

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