At Express ER in Temple, TX we strive to provide each of our patients with the best care possible, including the billing process. Express ER is proud to be as transparent as possible when it comes to billing and is happy to be a Texas-licensed freestanding medical facility. We are not a participating provider in any health insurance provider networks, though by state law it is required that insurance companies process emergency care/visits at an in-network benefits level. Express ER in Temple is here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide exceptional emergency care for those in need.

Senate Bill 425 And House Bill 3276

NOTICE OF FEES – Plains ER Management, LTD in compliance with Senate Bill 425, effective January 1, 2016, and modified by House Bill 3276, effective September 1, 2017, posts the following:

  • The physicians at Express ER may or may not participate in your health insurance network; for more information, we recommend contacting your insurance provider;
  • Express ER does not participate in any health benefit plan provider network; per Texas state law, however, it is required that your insurance provider process your emergency visit at an in-network benefit level;
  • Our rates at Express ER in Temple, TX are comparable to a local hospital-based ER; Express ER may charge a facility fee for your visit;
  • The emergency physician providing your medical care at Express ER may bill your insurance separately from our facility for the emergency care provided;
  • Express ER is a free-standing ER/medical care facility;

Billing Insurance Providers

Following your visit at Express ER in Temple, TX we will submit two different insurance claims to your health insurance provider. First, a claim will be submitted for the emergency physician who provided your care at our facility. Second, a claim will be submitted for the Express ER facility you visited, encompassing all of the care received, including laboratory and diagnostic testing.

After these claims are submitted to your insurance company, you should receive an explanation of benefits from your insurance provider. The explanation of benefits should explain all the charges and may even itemize your deductible, copay and payment responsibility.

Billing Patients

At our Temple Express ER, we do not practice “balance billing”, meaning that we will never bill above what your insurance provider’s in-network allowable is for medical services.

Once your explanation of benefits has been completely processed, any outstanding balance that is due will be issued in an invoice by Express ER. If you have questions regarding your invoice or any other matters, we’d be happy to answer them, just contact Express ER.

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