Your Guide to Emergency Disaster Preparedness


Last year Texas was slammed by Hurricane Harvey, leaving many people without homes. A few weeks ago, Florida was slammed by Hurricane Michael, basically leaving Panama City flattened. It seems now more than ever that disaster preparedness should be on everyone’s mind regardless of your location. Today, Express ER in Temple, TX is covering emergency disaster preparedness in an effort to keep our community and other communities around the world safe. We hope you learn something new!

Disaster Preparedness 101

When it comes to disaster preparedness, always start with a good plan. There are many considerations to take into account when preparing or a disaster, which include:

  • Knowing how to respond can be extremely important, how and where to safely exit should be something you think of as it can help reduce panic while eliminating any unsafe routes.
  • Knowing where to meet offers optimal safety for your group and can provide shelter while everyone regroups and has time to respond to the disaster.
  • Knowing who to contact in the event your group is separated as the disaster unfolds allows for easier communication and can help keep everyone connected. You should establish a contact chain, so everyone knows who to contact.

Portable Generator Safety

When it comes to using portal generators, safety should be your number one priority. Each time disaster strikes people are killed due to improper use of their portable generator. If you are using a portable generator after a disaster, always make sure to place it at least 20 feet from any doors, windows or openings. NEVER use your generator inside of your home or even garage. Battery operated CO2 detectors are also recommended to monitor the safety in your home. In the event, your CO2 detectors alarm, immediately leave your home and contact 911 for assistance.

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Have you, a loved one or friend been injured during a disaster? Visit Express ER in Temple, TX immediately for emergency care today. We are here 24/7/365 to provide our community with the exceptional emergency care they deserve.

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