The 7 Types of Migraine: A Quick Breakdown

The 7 Types of Migraine: A Quick Breakdown

Jul 16, 2019

Migraine Without Aura

These migraines are very common and occur with a severe or moderate headache that has little or no warning signs. Pain is usually felt on one side of the head and can include symptoms like mood shifts, blurred vision, and more.

Migraine Without Headache

This occurs when nausea, constipation, visual problems, and other symptoms associated with migraines occur without a headache. They’re less debilitating but could be related to other conditions and symptoms experienced in other parts of the body.

Migraine with Aura

These are another common type of migraine. They are characterized by symptoms that include disturbances in vision, known as an aura. Symptoms are similar to migraines without auras and with brainstem auras.

Migraine with Brainstem Aura

This type of migraine primarily affects children as well as adolescents. They have the same symptoms of a migraine with aura but do not involve muscular weakness. It’s associated with hormonal changes since the migraine emerges from the brainstem. Symptoms include double vision, lack of muscle coordination, vertigo, ringing in the ears, dizziness, slurred speech, and sharp, throbbing pain in the head.

Retinal Migraine

This is a rare migraine type that involves disturbances in the vision and possibly even temporary blindness in one of the eyes. They may or may not be accompanied by a headache and could prompt individuals to visit a 24-hour emergency room in Temple, TX.

Hemiplegic Migraine

These are also rare and can lead to temporary paralysis in some individuals. The warning signs of this type of migraine include vertigo, a prickling sensation, auditory disturbances, and difficulty speaking.

Chronic Migraine

A migraine that occurs with or without an aura and lasts for more than 15 days without relief is considered a chronic migraine. They’re tough to deal with and can be debilitating. You can seek emergency care in Temple if you experience worsening symptoms.

If you or a someone you love is experiencing migraines, speak with a medical professional or visit an emergency room in 76504 to learn more about preventing migraines and get relief for severe migraines that have impacted your daily life. The medical professionals at Express ER in Temple, TX, can take care of your medical needs.

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