Should You Move to the ER or Urgent Care after a Car Crash?

Should You Move to the ER or Urgent Care after a Car Crash?

Oct 01, 2022

Car accidents are frightening, whether minor incidents or severe crashes. You tend to remain shocked for moments after a severe collision. The shock tends to take over your sensible reasoning and make it clouded. You must seek medical attention if you think you are not in pain. Understand the differences between seeking medical attention from an emergency room or an urgent care center after a car accident.

Treatments Differ for Different Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you have received life-threatening injuries from a motor vehicle accident, your needs are better served by the 24-hour emergency room in Temple, TX, which is better suited to deal with emergencies like broken bones, severe trauma, bleeding, and breathing programs. If your symptoms are less intense, you can seek treatment from an urgent care center, but you must focus on getting urgent care even if you feel the accident wasn’t severe enough because your injuries remain hidden under the adrenaline pumping through your body after the crash. Unfortunately, if you have sustained injuries, you must obtain medical attention immediately for insurance purposes and if you intend to file a personal injury claim.

Waiting Times at Emergency Room and Urgent Care Centers

Regarding waiting times, urgent care centers are generally faster when providing treatments to patients. Most urgent care facilities treat patients within 15 minutes of arrival. Emergency rooms generally have high traffic. If you visit one after a car accident or someone else arrives needing more immediate attention, you might have you wait longer for treatment. However, urgent care centers are open all day and night, seven days a week, making it suitable for you to receive therapy whenever you want.

Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents often occur beyond business hours, compelling you to visit an urgent care for quick medical attention.

Quality of Care

You can anticipate receiving high-quality care at an urgent care clinic providing immediate treatment for the injuries you incurred. The physicians in these clinics are incredibly competent similar to the physicians in emergency rooms who are likely to be the best in the region. If you think you have a severe injury, you will desire the added comfort of receiving treatment from the best doctors around giving you their attention.

Testing and Referrals

Emergency room care is about fixing immediate emergency issues. They are not about providing long-term treatment and ongoing maintenance. If your injuries are not life-threatening, emergency rooms will often treat what’s visible and refer you to a primary care physician for further advice.

On the other hand, an urgent care clinic is more inclined to give you comprehensive care before discharging you because they do not have the urgency to keep space vacant for other emergency patients.

It would help if you aimed to get medical attention soon after you are involved in an accident. Whether you realize urgent care or not, because the injuries from the accident are not evident and you start feeling symptoms later, you help yourself by visiting the emergency care near me to get tested and collect the documentation.

Urgent care centers dedicate themselves to providing the best care to patients of all ages involved in motor vehicle accidents. After your diagnostic testing and physical examination, the emergency physician at the Center might recommend additional observation during your therapy. Further medical observation enables the emergency physicians to monitor your condition to address issues later if they gain significance.

Deciding between Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care

After incurring severe injuries in a motor vehicle accident, it helps if you call 911 immediately. Emergency responders at 911 will dispatch an ambulance and also get a police officer on the accident scene to create an accident report. The medical technicians or paramedics who arrive with the ambulance can take you to the nearest emergency room or one you prefer.

It does not indicate you don’t need treatment if you have suffered minor injuries or don’t seem injured. However, in the absence of life-threatening injuries, you must consider going to an urgent care center or your primary care physician for an assessment.

Why Is Treatment Essential after Accidents?

You can sustain various injuries after a car crash, with the symptoms of the damage appearing later. For example, the symptoms of a concussion, such as clouded thinking and nausea, do not appear immediately after the accident, similar to injuries like whiplash, where you might experience symptoms days or weeks later.

The adrenaline pumping through your body makes it challenging for you to notice initial pain from vehicle accidents. However, failing to receive immediate medical attention for vehicle accidents can worsen the symptoms and cause other health-related issues. It is why seeking immediate treatment after a motor vehicle accident is essential.

Express Emergency Room Temple is available on all days of the week and throughout the day and night to provide emergency care if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident. Kindly contact the facility immediately if you need help after car crashes to ensure you receive the best attention in Temple from experienced and qualified medical professionals.

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