Is It a Soft Tissue Running Injury or Stress Fracture?

Is It a Soft Tissue Running Injury or Stress Fracture?

Mar 26, 2019

You love running. You love the freedom of being outside and the energy it gives you. But, if you’re like a lot of other runners, there’s a good chance that you’ll experience some type of running-related injury that has you scrambling to locate an urgent care near you.

And when that happens, you’ll probably have a myriad of questions about whether or not your pain is from a stress fracture – which will require treatment from an ER in Temple TX – or a soft tissue injury which is more likely to heal on its own without medical help.

Symptoms of Soft Tissue Injury

When soft tissue becomes damaged, you’ll usually know about it pretty quickly. Typically, there is immediate pain along with swelling. Stiffness and bruising are also very common culprits of soft tissue injuries. In severe cases, you may notice instability in the affected joint – especially if it is the hip, knee, or ankle.

What You Can Do at Home for a Soft Tissue Injury

The first things you should do to treat a soft tissue injury is to reduce the inflammation by applying ice. You should also rest the injury. Instead of running for a few days, consider something with less impact like swimming, biking, or even running in water instead of outside.

PRICE is Your Friend

Along with the items mentioned, you may want to incorporate the PRICE treatment for soft tissue injuries – something that you can also do at home:

  • Protect the injury
  • Rest the injury
  • Ice the injury
  • Compression should be applied to the injury
  • Elevation of the injury is paramount in healing

Also, keep in mind that heat, alcohol, and massage should be avoided for the first 48-72 hours if you are trying to treat the injury before seeking medical help.

Expected Recovery Period from a Soft Tissue Injury

Recovery time will depend on the severity of your injury, as well as your age and general health. If you’re unsure about the degree of your injury, Express ER in Temple can evaluate your injury to determine the grade level and treatment protocol for the most optimum healing. In some cases, this may involve physical therapy. In others, it may only involve rest.

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