How to Treat Severe Infections in the ICU

How to Treat Severe Infections in the ICU

Feb 16, 2019

Modern technology allows Express ER in Temple to detect viral diseases in patients so that they do not cause further harm. If a disease is new, emergency care in Temple works to identify the disease and create an effective treatment plan. Medical personnel have a broad focus when they are working with critically ill patients. Diagnosing antibiotic resistance is also a critical part of treating patients in an emergency room in Temple.

Infections are on the rise, and so is the need for effective courses of treatment and the right combination of antibiotics. It is imperative that patients get comprehensive treatment for infections to reduce the likelihood of it spreading to other parts of the body. Patients that have undergone surgery and developed an infection go through much of the same procedures as patients with infections from other sources.

Ventilator-Assisted Pneumonia

Ventilator-assisted pneumonia, or VAP, significantly increases the likelihood of microaspiration in patients, which is what Express ER works tirelessly to avoid. We have advanced methods of preventing VAP, but the main method involves early treatment. Physicians must ask themselves important questions when deciding which antibiotic is the best treatment for patients and how effective it will be. They must also consider the side-effects and how much they will affect the patient.

Drug Resistance

Drug resistance is something that physicians must battle each and every day. Treating VAP becomes more difficult when patients are infected with bacterium that is multidrug resistant, or MDR. However, there are options outlined that an emergency room near me has extensive knowledge of.

Treating infections in the ICU is difficult and there are many factors to consider when prescribing treatment to patients. Bacteria can become resistant to drugs, making it even more difficult to effectively treat them. Express ER has the tools to fight infectious bacteria and rid the body of harmful bacteria. Our facility uses drug therapy monitoring to make sure antibiotics are effective. Express ER believes that supportive care is extremely important when recovering, so family and friends – along with medical professionals – can lead to better health.

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