Could You Be Making These 4 Common Skin Care Mistakes?

Could You Be Making These 4 Common Skin Care Mistakes?

Jan 16, 2019

Are you unhappy with your skin? Are you investing in beauty products but not satisfied with the results? May be the underlying issue is something else. It’s not easy to get a glowing flawless skin. According to studies, 85% of people suffer from acne or other skin issues at least once in their lifetime.

If you thought that the solution to your skin issues is investing in high-end beauty and cosmetic products, you are mistaken. Instead you need to make lifestyle changes which will show its effect on your body as well as your skin. When you start making healthy choices, it reflects on your skin and make you feel better.

According to Emergency Care in Temple, you need to avoid making following mistakes for getting a healthy skin:

    • Not sleeping enough

It is said that an adult should get at least 7-8 hours of sleep for healthy body and skin. During day, your skin works hard to protect itself from pollutants, UV rays, and free radicals. Just like your mind relaxes at night, your skin too relaxes when you sleep. Lack of sleep will increase the aging process and lead to dark circles, acne, and puffy eyes.

    • Not cleaning your face before sleep

According to experts from Local Emergency Room in Temple, TX, you may apply sunscreen and make up on your face to look good but it is important to remove these products at night as they can lead to clogged pores, breakouts, and sensitive skin. You must use a cleanser to remove the makeup and dirt from face, wash with a mild face wash, and moisturize the skin before sleeping.

    • Lack of moisturizing

Your skin has tendency to dry out at night. You must keep your skin moisturized throughout the day and especially at night to control excess oil production.

    • Not informed about skin care

Ignorance and lack of skin care regimen can lead to skin issues. It is better to consult a dermatologist for any skin issue as well as tips on skin care and right products.

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