Anxiety Disorders – Symptoms and Causes

Anxiety Disorders - Symptoms and Causes

Dec 18, 2023

In the modern, rapidly moving society, anxiety disorders are on the rise, impacting a vast number of individuals across the United States. When anxiety strikes, it can feel like an emergency, making you seek immediate care and relief. That’s where Express Emergency Room Temple, conveniently located in the 76504 area, comes in. We understand the urgency of anxiety-related issues and are here to provide immediate care and support.

Understanding Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is a natural and sometimes essential human emotion. It helps us stay attentive and concentrated in difficult situations. However, when anxiety becomes unmanageable, it can lead to an anxiety disorder. Disorders, if left untreated, can create hindrances in daily life. Therefore, it is essential to seek emergency treatment to effectively manage them.

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders

Excessive Worry: Excessive and persistent worry about everyday situations or activities is a hallmark of anxiety disorders. This constant state of apprehension can make even the simplest tasks seem overwhelming.

Physical Symptoms: Anxiety disorders often manifest physically with symptoms such as rapid heart rate, quivering, sweating, and shortness of breath. These physical symptoms can sometimes be mistaken for a medical emergency, leading people to search for an “emergency room near me.”

Irrational Fears: Phobias, a specific type of anxiety disorder, involve irrational and intense fears of specific objects or situations. These fears can lead to panic attacks, which may require immediate care in an ER near you.

Avoidance Behavior: People with anxiety disorders often engage in avoidance behavior, avoiding places or situations that trigger their anxiety.

Sleep Disturbances: Insomnia or disrupted sleep patterns are common in those with anxiety disorders. Insufficient sleep can worsen symptoms of anxiety and make it feel like a medical emergency.

Causes of Anxiety Disorders

Understanding the underlying reasons behind anxiety disorders is essential to ensure effective treatment and management. Several factors contribute to the development of these disorders:

Genetics: It is possible that certain people have a genetic predisposition towards developing anxiety disorders.

Brain Chemistry: Anxiety disorders can be caused by an imbalance in certain brain chemicals like dopamine and serotonin. Immediate care may be necessary to address these chemical imbalances.

Trauma: Undergoing a distressing occurrence, like a vehicular mishap or a natural calamity, can act as a catalyst for the onset of an anxiety disorder. Trauma-focused therapies can help individuals cope with these experiences.

Stress: Experiencing prolonged and intense periods of stress can increase the probability of developing anxiety disorders. Learning stress management techniques can be a crucial part of treatment.

Personality: Some personality traits, such as striving for perfection or being too hard on oneself, can increase the likelihood of developing anxiety disorders.

Our Immediate Care Approach

Swift Assessment: Upon arrival at our emergency room, you’ll undergo a rapid, detailed evaluation to assess the seriousness of your symptoms and craft a tailored treatment strategy.

Empathetic Treatment: Recognizing the anxiety that accompanies anxiety disorders, our team is committed to delivering empathetic, patient-focused care during your stay.

Medication Oversight: Depending on the situation, medication might be recommended to lessen symptoms and restore equilibrium. Our healthcare professionals will meticulously evaluate your specific requirements.

Therapeutic Assistance: We provide therapeutic support and counseling in conjunction with medication, tackling the underlying causes of your anxiety disorder for a holistic treatment approach.

Continued Care: We value ongoing patient care. Subsequent visits will include monitoring your progress and modifying your treatment for optimal recovery.


Anxiety disorders can feel like an emergency, but with the immediate care and support provided by Express Emergency Room Temple, you can regain control of your life. If you’re in Temple, Texas, and searching for an “ER near me” to address anxiety-related symptoms, trust us to provide the compassionate care and treatment you need. Don’t let anxiety hold you back; contact our emergency room today.

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